Synchronicity at Play


Synchronicity at play. I find myself behind a vehicle with a “TRACTOR” license. I often see plates that resonate with what’s going on in my day or life, but this one falls flat. I take a pic and write it off as meaningless.

A few minutes later, as I’m listening to a CD by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, she tells a story about her Aunt Edna’s way of teaching imagination that features a tractor as an example.

Pinkola Estés recounts the story this way: If someone said, “‘Joe took the tractor down to the corner.’ …  Aunt Edna would say, ‘How do you know it was really a tractor, and how do you know it was really Joe?’ She’d just inflict this otherworld idea into almost everything making you think, ‘Well, yeah, who said it was a tractor? Who said it was Joe? What are the facts of this situation?’ She was teaching in this minute way how to look at things. ... ‘Is that really what I’m seeing? How do I know?’”

Who’s to say that the tractor license plate was meaningless? Was that a fact? Yes, and then a few minutes later, no. That’s how the game of life works. And that’s also why it pays to pay attention, even to the seemingly mundane moments.

As for me, today I was mulling over how to move forward with copy and images for my website. I’m trying to blend writing and editing with Active Dreaming, two seemingly opposite career paths, at least that’s how I’d been looking at them. Was that a fact? Maybe that was the problem all along. They’re both highly creative and imaginative.

So, I’m going to make the site more imaginative, more eccentric, perhaps, and more playful, following Aunt Edna’s example.

Tenaya Wieczorek