About Laurie


Laurie grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in an area known as Bay View. Her childhood interests were reading, dreamwork, and writing.

After graduating from high school, Laurie worked full time at a bank for several years and later attended college as a nontraditional student to pursue her lifelong passion for writing.

Juggling the busy schedules of two children with her college classes didn’t stop Laurie from graduating magna cum laude from Marquette University in 2000 with a B.A. in Writing-Intensive English and a minor in philosophy, and then earning an M.F.A. in Creative Writing in 2005 from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Directly out of college, Laurie freelanced for local newspapers. But she soon discovered that newspaper writing wasn’t for her. She worked as a bookseller and freelance edited a book, eventually finding her way to Milwaukee Magazine, working her way up to supplement editor. She’s currently working on a short story/poetry collection and novel, as well as contracting as a copy editor, writer, and proofreader in the Milwaukee area.


Laurie has a B.A. from Marquette University in Writing-Intensive English, where she studied creative writing under C.J. Hribal and A. Manette Ansay, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she studied creative writing under Douglas Glover and Sue William Silverman, among others.

She is former supplement editor and frequent contributor to Milwaukee Magazine and has been published in the Marquette Journal, Frogpond, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, News Graphic, Bay View Compass, and elsewhere.

Laurie is a member of:

  • Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit honor society)

  • Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society)

  • Phi Sigma Tau (philosophy honor society)

  • Phi Beta Kappa (academic honor society)

Dream Teacher

Laurie is a dream teacher who was trained and certified by Robert Moss, internationally renowned dream seminar leader, creator of Active Dreaming, and author.

Interested in dreams from a young age, Laurie has come to understand the importance of working with one’s dreams based on her personal experiences, training with Moss, and study with other shamanic practitioners.

Laurie has taught at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and also leads workshops and holds private sessions that specialize in Moss’s Lightning Dreamwork Process, dream reentry, dream incubation – and more.